Charging up batteries with algae

Materials World magazine
A charge time and capacity record for organic and non–toxic batteries has been set by using algae, claim researchers from Uppsala University, Sweden. The work opens up possibilities for producing environmentally friendly, cost efficient, up-scalable and lightweight energy storage systems.
Solid alumino-silicate spheres beneficiated from waste fly ash

Polymer fillers meet minerals processing

Materials World magazine
Mining technology is transforming waste fly ash from coal-fired power stations into cheaper and resource efficient polymer fillers, claims RockTron, based in Keynsham, UK. The firm says it has achieved a ‘world’s first’ in fly ash beneficiation.
carbon nanotubes

Self-healing circuits

Materials World magazine
Capsules placed on circuit boards that contain suspensions of conductive carbon nanotubes could make burnt out electronics a thing of the past. The shells are being designed to erode under conditions of high electrical potential, temperature spikes, mechanical damage or other appropriate stimuli.
Healed sandwich composite panel

At the core of sandwich composites

Materials World magazine
A novel interlayer between the skin and foam core in sandwich structures could provide composite components with an inherent self-healing mechanism. This reinstates the backface support to prevent buckling during compression.
silicon chip

Making light work of silicon chips

Materials World magazine
Silicon chips that can emit light could be demonstrated within four years, thanks to a team of international researchers who claim to have overcome previous limitations.