Europe’s first state-of-the-art waterjet machining centre

Materials World magazine
Europe's first state-of-the-art centre will explore waterjet machining as a viable alternative to using laser processing for 3D parts for the aerospace industry. Waterjet technology has erosive properties for cutting materials such as glass, polymers and metals, and uses grit and water rather than toxic chemicals.

Graphene exists in the free state

Materials World magazine
Scientists have attempted to prove that a 2D gauze of carbon atoms, called graphene, can exist in the free state. The material has potential for use in the manufacturing of micromechanical switches and electronic transistors, and more immediately as a substrate to aid transmission electron microscopy.

IMMa formation announced

International Mining & Minerals Association
At the meeting of the Council of the Institute held on 8th November 2006, it was agreed that an umbrella organisation be formed to cover common matters of the former IMM divisions.

Women’s Institute top the bill at Open Innovation in Consumer Packaging

The Women’s Institute and Unilever will head a cast of speakers at a seminar programme from IOP: The Packaging Society, to take place at the Packaging Innovation Show at Total Processing & Packaging 2007 at the Birmingham NEC.
Packet nutritional label

Informative packaging helps consumers understand nutrition?

Packaging Professional magazine
UK Retailers have developed conflicting voluntary front-of-pack nutritional labelling systems that they claim enable customers to make healthier food choices more quickly. Organisations such as the Food Standards Agency (FSA), with Sainsbury's and Waitrose, support colour-coded signposting, while manufacturers such as Danone and Kellogg's have joined forces with Tesco and Morrisons, to promote the Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) label scheme. An independent Project Management Panel (PMP) intends to review research results and adopt the most effective system.