Applying dry ice pre-treatment

Costing sol-gel coatings

Materials World magazine
A dry ice CO 2 blasting pre-treatment technique and a novel curing method are set to reduce the costs of sol-gel coatings, according to inventors at VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland. They also claim that their technologies offer a more environmentally friendly approach.

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Dr Afsaneh Rabiei with the metal foam implant

Metal mimics bone

Materials World magazine
A metal foam that exhibits similar modulus of elasticity to bone is said to have been developed, according to researchers in the USA. The material could be used in a new generation of biomedical implants for load-bearing areas, preventing the rejection that often results from more rigid implant materials such as titanium.
A wind tunnel model used with adaptive rotating spar system

Morphing for efficient aircraft

Materials World magazine
Aircraft may soon be able to respond to varying external conditions using ‘smart morphing technologies’ that increase fuel efficiency, improve maneuverability and lower landing speeds.

The hip gets smart

Materials World magazine
Wirelessly monitoring and improving the real-time performance of bone implants is the goal of a project at the University of Porto, Portugal.