Materials in demand?

Materials World magazine
This summer saw the launch of the first UK National Subject Profile for Higher Education Programmes in Materials. In the first of a series of articles by the team behind it, Tim Bullough, Senior Lecturer in Materials at The University of Liverpool, UK, explores the development of this university discipline.

Head of the British Ceramic Confederation talks transferable skills

Materials World magazine
Gary Price talks to Dr Laura Cohen, the new Chief Executive Designate of the British Ceramic Confederation, about the challenges that lie ahead for the industry and the importance of transferable skills.
Schematic of ultrasonic atomisation spraying system

Better barrier properties for biodegradable films

Materials World magazine
Ultrasonic application of clay nanoparticles to biodegradable films could enhance their barrier properties, according to US spray technology company Sono-Tek. The technique prolongs the shelf life of food and pharmaceuticals and offers the packaging industry more accurate and economical treatment.

Testing on the rails

Materials World magazine
A team of UK scientists are developing a non-contact railhead scanning device that can pinpoint minute cracks on a rail line at speeds of 125 miles per hour (mph).

Securing minerals supply

Materials World magazine
Seabed mining, arctic exploration, and sourcing underdeveloped countries, such as Afghanistan, will help secure future minerals supplies as countries face the squeeze from resource-rich developing nations. That was the message delivered by experts from the British Geological Survey (BGS) at the event, ‘Meeting the mineral commodity challenge’ event, held in London, UK, on 14 October 2008.