Pallet in a field

New pallets, no wood

Packaging Professional magazine
A biodegradable pallet board made from locally-sourced corn starch and hemp fibres offers the strength and durability of timber, says Australian company Biofiba. The company saw a need for a product that could biodegrade naturally once it had fulfilled its use, but did not require trees to be cut down.

Spring 2009: Society for Adhesion and Adhesives/BASA, one day Symposium on 'Abhesion'

The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
Full report on the Society for Adhesion and Adhesives one-day symposium on Abhesion. SAA and IOM3 Members may download the presenters' short abstracts (pdf 1.1MB)
Paper sludge can be moulded into different shapes

Paper sludge reuse

Packaging Professional magazine
A team from Spain says it has created a strong, fire resistant, waterproof and mouldable substance from paper ‘waste sludge’. The material could replace expanded polystyrene in packaging insulation applications.
Flow wrap

Corrosion-free flow wrap

Packaging Professional magazine
A flow wrap for high volume metal products that is said to prevent corrosion during storage has been launched by Technology Packaging, based in Northwood, UK. This has eliminated the need to lubricate products with oil, and is also said to last longer than previous techniques.
Stack of CDs

CD packaging – is it time to face the music?

Packaging Professional magazine
The download phenomenon in music has had a largely negative impact on the audio packaging sector. Gary Price reports on how the industry is fighting back against the digital revolution with new designs, materials and by adding value to physical media.