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Digging for a pipeline

Piping up about carbon

Materials World magazine
The technical details surrounding CO 2 pipelines that will push forward carbon capture and storage from coal-fired power plants were hot topics at an event on 28 October, in London, UK. Rachel Connolly reports
coated cables

Inorganic fillers for silicone rubber

Materials World magazine
By comparing inorganic fillers such as quartz, aluminium silicate and vulkasil, researchers at the University of Tehran in Iran, have discovered a way to improve the mechanical properties of silicone rubber (SR).

Nanoengineered superconductors

Materials World magazine
Artificially nanoengineered pinning centres have been introduced to high temperature superconducting (HTS) thin films to increase their critical current density by up to three times that of the standard 1.5 Tesla.

Model behaviour of ceramic and intermetallic alloys

Materials World magazine
Physical modelling to bridge the knowledge gaps between the atomistic and macroscopic levels of intermetallic alloys and ceramic coatings is under development.