Materials solutions for climate troubles

Materials World magazine
The Energy Materials Working Group of Materials UK has launched its Strategic Research Agenda for the energy sector over the next five, 10 and 20 years.

New sports technology institute at Loughborough

Materials World magazine
Hailed as one of the world’s most advanced sports technology centres, the Sports Technology Institute in Loughborough, UK, is set to open on 27 February.

Oil-repelling materials

Materials World magazine
Polymeric microfibres may hold the key to the first simple process for manufacturing super oil-repelling (oleophobic) materials.

Discussing carbon footprinting strategies for the FMCG chain

Packaging Professional magazine
A benchmark for assessing a packaging manufacturer's carbon footprint is a long way off, concluded delegates at the Intertech Pira conference on reducing carbon footprint in the FMCG supply chain’, held from 27-28 November 2007, in London, UK.
Bar codes on red apples

Preparing for smaller bar codes on packaging

Packaging Professional magazine
Global supply chain standards and solutions organisation GS1 UK, based in London, has announced that packaging manufacturers should start preparing to adopt a new, smaller bar code by 1 January 2010.