Concrete fills up on fibre

Materials World magazine
A novel bi-component fibre using two different polymers may pave the way for a concrete that has the required impact resistance and flexural strength but without the need for steel fibre reinforcement. The technology is said to overcome the previous challenges of producing high performance concrete using polymeric fibres.

Refining refractory materials

Materials World magazine
Improving the oxidation resistance of carbon-containing refractory bricks and the wettability of castables is the focus of research at the University of Sheffield, UK. This could enhance furnace lining life and performance to benefit the metallurgical processing industries.
BOS Plant Vessel Charging

Materials Society visit to Corus Strip Products UK Port Talbot Works – steelmaking and reductions in carbon footprint

South Wales Materials Association
On 27 January Port Talbot Works hosted a visit from 45 members of the South Wales Materials Association.

Treating bioleach effluent

Materials World magazine
Pilot trials are ongoing to remove iron and sulphate, using a bioprocess, from the acidic effluent that results from heap bioleaching metals from minerals. The work is being undertaken at the Talvivaara Mining Company’s nickel mine in Sotkamo, Finland. The technique is said to be more cost effective and environmentally friendly than current methods for iron removal.

Sticking together – adhesives in industry

Materials World magazine
Adhesives and sealant manufacturers are overcoming the challenges posed by environmentally stringent legislation with new formulations and products. Rachel Connolly investigates