Clay aggregates for road asphalt

Clay Technology magazine
Aggregates for asphalt made from synthetic calcinated clay have been developed by researchers at the Amazon Federal University in Manhaus, Brazil. This could be used to pave areas of the Amazon that are poorly supplied with suitable rocks but richly covered with clay.

Exploring plastic components with electronically active surfaces

Materials World magazine
Coating thin films of electronically active surfaces onto plastic components by exploding the layers into the moulding tool during injection is the focus of a £300,000 research programme at the University of Warwick, UK. The team is looking to refine the technology for products such as packaging with moving displays.

A novel ceramic tile cladding system

Clay Technology magazine
Ibstock Brick Ltd has developed a way to install and replace ceramic tiles at any point in a building's façade by clipping them onto steel connectors.

Wienerberger UK achieves environmental accreditation

Clay Technology magazine
By recycling and incorporating waste materials into its bricks, Wienerberger's 14 UK manufacturing plants have achieved an international accreditation for environmental performance. The standard covers the full manufacturing process from quarrying of clay to packaging and transport of the final products.

Re-writeable 3D holograms

Materials World magazine
A polymeric 3D hologram that can be erased and re-written in a matter of minutes has been created by scientists at the University of Arizona in Tucson, USA. This is the first updatable 3D display ever made, according to the research team, and shows potential for medical, industrial and military applications. The plastic film is sandwiched between two pieces of glass coated with transparent electrodes. Images are written into the polymer using laser beams and an externally-applied electric field.