Dr P D Spooner – 2007 Dowding Medal

Materials Science & Technology Division
Dr Peter Spooner was awarded the Dowding Medal for 2007. Of all the Institute’s awards, this is the one most closely associated with metals rolling.
Coal mining extraction

Living with minerals

Clay Technology magazine
The UK National Minerals Forum, launched in November 2006, has set its agenda for 2008. It brings together representatives from Government departments, county councils, regional and devolved assemblies, industry, and environmental organisations to overcome the piecemeal approach to long-term strategic thinking in the minerals sector.
Plastic bottles

Non-stick coating reduces food waste, facilitates recycling

Materials World magazine
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany are using plasma processing technology and novel thin films to explore the potential for using non-stick packs in reducing food waste and making recycling easier.
Chip held between fingertips

Semiconductor chip detects environmental parameters

Materials World magazine
A semiconductor chip whose surface can sense parameters such as temperature, humidity, light and certain gases is being developed by wireless sensor manufacturers ChipSensors.

Glow in the dark garments

Materials World magazine
Battery-powered electroluminescent (EL) yarns are being developed at The University of Manchester, UK, to create clothing that glows in the dark, allowing the wearer to be visible in all lighting conditions, improving personal safety.