Polymer fuel tanks to meet emission standards

Materials World magazine
The Polymer Processing Research Centre (PPRC) at Queen's University Belfast, UK, is researching multilayer polyamide and polyethylene fuel tanks that help motorcycle manufacturers meet stringent emission standards in the USA. Polymers also improve impact and corrosion resistance and are more cost effective that the metal fuel tanks, say researchers.

Nanoparticle production

Materials World magazine
Scientists from the North West Laser Engineering Consortium at the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester, UK, say they have developed a more efficient way of producing nanoparticles using a continuous wave (CW) fibre laser.

Launch of Electronics Applications Technical Division in Singapore

Functional Materials Division
The Institute of Materials (East Asia) successfully launched the new Electronics Materials and Applications Technical Division in the Nanyang Technological University.
Sustainable construction housing plan

Sustaining construction

Clay Technology magazine
The UK’s Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform is seeking feedback on a joint Government and industry strategy for sustainable construction.

New construction diploma

Clay Technology magazine
The Government has recently opened Gateway 2, a window in which companies can apply to participate in the new Construction and Built Environment (C&BE) Diploma for 14-19-year-olds. The Diploma will combine practical skill development with theoretical and technical knowledge within the context of construction and the built environment.