Processing metals

Metals processing cash boost

Materials World magazine
A multi-million pound grant has been awarded to the University of Sheffield's Institute for Microstructured and Mechanical Process Engineering (IMMPETUS) to help UK-based metals processing companies improve efficiency.
refuelling with nanofuels

Exploring nanofuels

Materials World magazine
Nanofuels are the subject of a new feasibility study at Queen Mary, University of London, UK. They could provide a more environmentally sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, say researchers. The concept is to inject wet and dry fuels made from silicon, aluminium or iron nanoparticles (separately, as single fuels) into internal combustion engines.

Simpler surface analysis

Materials World magazine
Researchers at Germany’s national metrology institute, have developed a faster and easier method for analysing surfaces with different reflectivities.
Cleaner coating metal food can

Cleaner coatings for food cans

Materials World magazine
Exploring cleaner coatings for metal cans to inhibit chemical migration into food.

Laser welding of dissimilar materials

Materials World magazine
Using a novel joint design, laser welding of dissimilar materials can be transformed, according to scientists at The Welding Institute (TWI), Cambridge, UK. This could improve the quality of lightweight magnesium and aluminium alloy components used in the automotive sector.