New look at titanium dioxide extraction

Materials World magazine
A simpler, cheaper and greener method of extracting higher yields of white titanium dioxide powder from mineral ore has been developed, as a result of research conducted at the University of Leeds, UK.

Single-layer fuel tanks

Materials World magazine
A single-layer polyurethane and nylon film fuel bladder that is crash resistant and uses 60% less volatile organic compounds than traditional bladders has been developed by GKN Aerospace, based in Reddich, UK.

Customising rapid manufacture

Materials World magazine
The EU Custom-Fit project has developed techniques for the rapid manufacture of customised helmets, surgical implants, car seats and prostheses made from multiple materials .

Smoother catheter coating

Materials World magazine
A hydrophilic, polymeric coating for urinary catheters that makes them more durable and smooth has been developed by Lombard Medical Technologies, based in Sheffield, UK.

Manufacturing cheaper organic light emitting diodes

Materials World magazine
GE Global Research has developed a roll-to-roll process, similar to that used in newspaper printing, to mass-produce organic light emitting diodes. The company claims this technology will lower the cost of producing organic electronic products, which will be key if these devices are to succeed in the marketplace.