ICMM releases guidance on Health Impact Assessment

International Mining & Minerals Association
A new publication on Good Practice Guidance on Health Impact Assessment (HIA) has been published by the International Council for Mining and Metals (ICMM) The HIA is intended as a practical tool to assist companies in protecting the health and wellbeing of their workforce and local communities.

Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology publishes special issue on the relationship of corrosion with climate change

Published in February, this theme issue of Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology is dedicated to examining the effect climate change and global warming may have on the corrosion of metals used in infrastructure. Guest editors, Professor B. Valdez Salas and Professor M. Schorr Wiener from the Institute of Engineering, University of Baja California, Mexico, commissioned a series of papers to review the range of research in this underexplored area.
The research into ‘growing’ nanowires conducted at Lund University, Sweden, could lead to 3D circuit design

Growing up with nanowires

Materials World magazine
European researchers have devised a technology for ‘growing’ nanowires in a vertical configuration, which they say could lead to smaller, faster and more energy-efficient computer microchips. The project focused on combining silicon nanowires with indium arsenide and germanium substrates to overcome previous problems of using a gold catalyst.

Solar-powered eye implants

Materials World magazine
A solar-powered implant could give sight to the blind, according to its developers at Stanford University, USA. Miniature photovoltaic (PV) cells are being used to power a chip placed behind the retina to process light and data through the eye to the brain.
An example of a simulated design for the cement bracket

At the hard-to-soft tissue interface

Materials World magazine
Three-dimensional printed, calcium phosphate cement brackets may improve the bond between hard and soft tissue during ligament repair.