Raising the roof with wooden architecture

Materials World magazine
A new whisky distillery in Scotland showcasing contemporary architecture combines a rippling wooden roof with glass and steel.

Increasing the ductility of aluminium through wire arc additive manufacturing

Materials World magazine
While developing wire arc additive manufacturing, researchers in Russia have discovered a surprising improvement in aluminium’s ductility. Idha Valeur catches up with them.

Patent of the month – ionic conducting compositions for energy storage devices

Materials World magazine
Dr Tahsin Ali Kassam at UDL Intellectual Property discusses a recently granted patent relating to ionic conducting compositions for energy storage devices.

Cracking the crud problem in nuclear reactors

Materials World magazine
A new design for fouling-resistant materials could thwart corrosion of nuclear systems. Shardell Joseph finds out how.

An alkaline hydrogel could heal wounds

Materials World magazine
A hydrogel with potential healing properties is being made in minutes without specialised equipment and at room temperature. Idha Valeur speaks to the creators.