Dyeing onyx stone pink for decorative interiors

Materials World magazine
Creative approaches to finishing and protection are bringing about a revival of natural stonework for decorative interiors.

An insight into the International Rubber Conference

Materials World magazine
Looking at the 2019 International Rubber Conference, Shardell Joseph highlights some standout topics and technologies at the event.

Whaley Bridge dam wall collapse

Materials World magazine
About 1,500 people were evacuated after a section of Toddbrook Reservoir collapsed, threatening to flood a nearby town.

Hunterson B reopening approved after graphite cracks assessed

Materials World magazine
One of Hunterston B’s nuclear reactors has been given permission to resume generating electricity after hundreds of cracks were found in the bricks. Shardell Joseph founds out more.

Diversity Challenge celebrating contributions to STEMM

Materials World magazine
Showcasing role models and their contributions to STEMM, Diversity Challenge hosts quiz to battle contestants’ knowledge on underrepresented scientists. Shardell Joseph reports.