Get talking – To save the planet, we must understand it

Materials World magazine
Professor Ian Barker, President of the UK’s Earth Science Teachers’ Association, issues a rallying call to prevent the extinction of Geology in our education system.

Raising the roof with wooden architecture

Materials World magazine
A new whisky distillery in Scotland showcasing contemporary architecture combines a rippling wooden roof with glass and steel.

Increasing the ductility of aluminium through wire arc additive manufacturing

Materials World magazine
While developing wire arc additive manufacturing, researchers in Russia have discovered a surprising improvement in aluminium’s ductility. Idha Valeur catches up with them.

How manufacturing and recycling of aluminium can be improved

Materials World magazine
Studying the formation of micro-crystals under a magnetic field has opened up ways to enhance the manufacturing and recycling of aluminium alloys. Idha Valeur talks to the researchers behind the discovery.

Electrifying mining

Materials World magazine
A global Fintech company is partnering with Inner Mongolia’s local government and mining companies to electrify its mining activity.