Dyeing onyx stone pink for decorative interiors

Materials World magazine
Creative approaches to finishing and protection are bringing about a revival of natural stonework for decorative interiors.

Making artificial colour-changing skin

Materials World magazine
An artificial material that mimics the colour-changing ability of cuttlefish skin has been developed as a potential camouflage. Idha Valeur finds out more.

Trifol turns plastic waste into waxes

Materials World magazine
Plastics destined for the waste heap are being turned into new products that can be used as a drop-in material.

How graphene deters mosquitoes

Materials World magazine
Graphene proves to protect against mosquito bites and also neutralises their awareness of a human presence. Ceri Jones reports.

Controversy over UK shale

Materials World magazine
New research suggests that UK shale gas reserves could be exhausted in less than 10 years – far lower than previously thought. Ceri Jones finds out more.