The ion beamline at Sandia National Labs, USA, where the new radiation damage measurement system has been installed and tested.  Credit – Cody Dennett

Real-time radiation testing

Materials World magazine
Neutron radiation changes to materials can be tracked non-destructively. Ceri Jones spoke to the maker of a new system.
The new MEMs switch could be used to make advanced powerlines. Credit: Alexandr Shevchenko / Shutterstock

How a new switching system could make phones and power cables more durable

Materials World magazine
A new switching system could make mobile phones and power cables more durable, as Ellis Davies reports.
Variations of three-layer structures. Image credit: Osaka University

Adhering without adhesives

Materials World magazine
A method to adhere vulcanised rubber to plastic or other materials without an adhesive has been developed by Japanese researchers. Idha Valeur reports.
Microorganisms that produce polyesters to make the bioplastic. Image Credit: Tel Aviv University

How seaweed can produce sustainable plastics

Materials World magazine
A process to produce bioplastic polymers derived from seaweed has been developed in a bid to address plastic waste. Idha Valeur reports.

Expanding coherence with 2D materials

Materials World magazine
A new kind of graphene-based qubit may advance practical quantum computing say researchers from MIT, USA. Katherine Williams found out more.