Raising the roof with wooden architecture

Materials World magazine
A new whisky distillery in Scotland showcasing contemporary architecture combines a rippling wooden roof with glass and steel.

Local soil for local people – 3D printing houses

Materials World magazine
Applying locally sourced soil to 3D print load-bearing structures could be the next building block for more sustainable construction, say US researchers. Idha Valeur reports.

Get talking – To save the planet, we must understand it

Materials World magazine
Professor Ian Barker, President of the UK’s Earth Science Teachers’ Association, issues a rallying call to prevent the extinction of Geology in our education system.

An alkaline hydrogel could heal wounds

Materials World magazine
A hydrogel with potential healing properties is being made in minutes without specialised equipment and at room temperature. Idha Valeur speaks to the creators.

How manufacturing and recycling of aluminium can be improved

Materials World magazine
Studying the formation of micro-crystals under a magnetic field has opened up ways to enhance the manufacturing and recycling of aluminium alloys. Idha Valeur talks to the researchers behind the discovery.