Nanomaterials are cool

Materials World magazine
Harvesting waste thermal energy using a novel method of producing a thermoelectric nanomaterial. Ceri Jones finds out how.

Fred Starr recollects…

Materials World magazine
Fred Starr explores the lost potential of jet engine pioneer Sir Frank Whittle.

3D imaging makes for better filtration membranes

Materials World magazine
A new 3D imaging technique is furthering knowledge of fouling with the aim of producing more advanced filtration materials. Ceri Jones finds out how.

Engineers on a mission set to be focus of Tomorrow's Engineers Week 2019

EngineeringUK has announced that the theme for the 2019 Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (4–8 November 2019) will focus on the impact engineers make on the nation’s health and wellbeing – ‘Engineers on a Mission’.

Inclusion, diversity and equality – a professional matter

IOM3 already requires its members to comply with a code of professional conduct, which includes respecting others, and this is supported by our statement on equality, diversity and inclusion