Researchers stumbled upon new matter when studying nanomaterials

Materials World magazine
A new state of matter was found when studying 2D materials. Idha Valeur finds out what it could mean for science.

Integrating heat and stress sensors inside solar cells

Materials World magazine
Sensors that measure stress and temperature can be integrated into crystalline solar cell wafers, eradicating the need for additional devices for measurement. Shardell Joseph reports.

Taking MRI principles from medicine to batteries for energy storage

Materials World magazine
A new technique based on MRI can observe next-generation batteries in real-time for more advanced and efficient grid-scale energy storage in the future. Shardell Joseph finds out more.

UK manufacturing sector to benefit from circular economy

Materials World magazine
A report from Sage says the UK manufacturing sector is more advanced than many global counterparts in adopting new processes and driving growth. Katherine Williams attended a briefing.

Making headway in military helmet padding with open-cell lattice structure

Materials World magazine
An open-cell lattice architecture for helmet padding could reduce head injuries in combat. Shardell Joseph speaks to the USA Army researchers behind the development.