Clay Technology magazine
A mass of concrete weighing a record-breaking 105 tonnes was found under the streets of London. Shardell Joseph reports.

The Ceramic Alliance

Clay Technology magazine
The Tile Council of North America has introduced a network to share environmental health and safety resources for the national ceramics industry. Shardell Joseph reports.

Event report: Student speech contest

Clay Technology magazine
Two finalists competed in the UK heats for a place at the European Ceramics Society Conference in June 2019.

To coin a phase

Clay Technology magazine
The Royal Mint’s limited edition coin celebrates Wedgwood’s history but also highlights financial problems in the UK’s modern day pottery industry.

Remediating ACM cladding

Clay Technology magazine
Hundreds of high-rise buildings with ACM cladding systems have not yet been remediated. an MP claims the government would have blood on its hands if it fails to act. Shardell Joseph Reports.