Insight into a low tariff ceramic industry in a ‘no-deal’ Brexit

Materials World magazine
In the event of a hard Brexit, the UK government has said there would be low to no tariffs on goods imported from outside the EU. According to exports, lowering these tariffs could have a disastrous impact on the ceramics industry. Shardell Joseph investigates.

Saving energy with heat pipe exchangers in ceramics

Materials World magazine
Heat pipe technology is proven to fuel new low-emission, low-energy, kilns and save money in ceramics. Shardell Joseph reports.

Triple battery storage capacity achieved by incorporating nanomaterials

Materials World magazine
Using an ultra-thin nanomaterial a battery’s electrode could pervade three times storage capacity of conventional batteries. Shardell Joseph reports.

A new fibre that are both strong as metal and elastic as rubber

Materials World magazine
A new fibre with high elastic properties and metallic strength makes a tough material, which could be used in soft robotics or packaging. Idha Valeur reports.

A bionic hand able to restore sense of touch

Materials World magazine
A bionic hand can restore the sense of touch to amputees by simulating the brain’s ability to sense the position of limbs. Idha Valeur reports.