Underground mining in West Cumbria receives planning permission for producing metallurgical coal

Materials World magazine
A new underground mine in Cumbria, UK, received planning approval and is set to become a leading European producer of metallurgical coal for steelmaking. Shardell Joseph reports.

Hydraulic testing facility to open in Scotland for testing tidal energy

Materials World magazine
A tidal wave engineering test centre is to be built in Scotland, aiming to speed up the development of materials and structures of tidal energy and transport. Shardell Joseph reports.

A combat helicopter with dual counter rotating blades takes flight

Materials World magazine
A combat helicopter has made its first flight using a dual counter rotating blade design. Shardell Joseph reports.

Formula1 lightweight materials is introduced into aircraft interior

Materials World magazine
Formula One technology and its lightweight materials are to be introduced into aircraft interior, improving aviation manufacturers’ space and weight capabilities. Shardell Joseph reports.

Energy and the Environment – Materials Making the Difference

East Midlands Materials Society
Registration available now for a half day conference organised by East Midlands Materials Society on Thursday 27 June at the National Space Centre at Leicester. The event is co-sponsored by...