Understanding nature's toughest material

Materials World magazine
Researchers have discovered how nacre responds to strain in real-time, which could lead to new, strong synthetic materials being developed. Idha Valeur reports.

Patent of the Month – Ice test devices

Materials World magazine
A patent relating to a novel ice adhesion test is presented by Dr Tahsin Ali Kassam.

Steam cracking plastic to transform the waste system

Materials World magazine
A thermochemical recycling process that uses steam cracking can transform plastic waste back to new virgin-quality plastics. Shardell Joseph investigates.

Implementing safer mining practices to reduce lead poisoning

Materials World magazine
In response to records of lead poisoning fatalities in artisanal mining, a project setup to achieve safer mining practices has published its first results. Shardell Joseph finds out more.

Integrating digitisation and cybersecurity in mines

Materials World magazine
A new initiative for implementing greater cybersecurity and secure electrical mines has been launched. Shardell Joseph reports.