BHP switches to renewable energy

Materials World magazine
The mining giant has set in motion plans to use 100% renewable energy at its two copper operations in Chile.

A new pier has opened for a comfortable commute

Materials World magazine
London’s new Royal Wharf Pier opens to offer a more attractive commute.

Capturing sulphur to make it useful

Materials World magazine
Molecular organic frameworks could trap sulphur dioxide from ambient air to use as a raw material and prevent it going to waste. Idha Valeur reports.

Understanding nature's toughest material

Materials World magazine
Researchers have discovered how nacre responds to strain in real-time, which could lead to new, strong synthetic materials being developed. Idha Valeur reports.

Cooling the sintering process in ceramic production for carbon reduction

Materials World magazine
A new techno-economic analysis highlights the extent of the benefits of implementing cold sintering processes in ceramic manufacturing. Shardell Joseph finds out more.