Using light tech to reveal Herculaneum scrolls

Materials World magazine
Synchrotron light technology and digital software tools will be used to decode and study 2,000 year-old scrolls. Shardell Joseph finds out more.

Patent of the month – Biodegradable vascular filter

Materials World magazine
A novel biodegradable vascular filter and a method of manufacture are introduced in a patent by Dr Tahsin Ali Kassam.

Sirius mining project plans to build underground transport tunnel

Materials World magazine
In a period of financial uncertainty and mass redundancies, Sirius Minerals commences an ambitious project to develop an underground transport system. Shardell Joseph investigates.

Switching superconductivity on and off in materials

Materials World magazine
Researchers have proved that an old scientific model for understanding material behaviour could, through simulation, enable superconductivity to be turned on and off again. Idha Valeur reports.

A microscopic view of life

Materials World magazine
A new super high-speed microscope enables scientists to image living samples and neuron activity in real-time. Ceri Jones reports.