The Packaging Society Autumn 2019 Newsletter Now Available

The Packaging Society
The Packaging Society Autumn 2019 Newsletter Now Available

Ingenious: public engagement awards

Ingenious is an awards scheme for projects that engage the public with engineers and engineering while providing engineers with skills and opportunities in public engagement. Applications for Ingenious are now open.

Smart lenses zoom in a blink

Materials World magazine
A lens that can zoom using electrical signals from the eye looks promising for robotics. Alex Brinded reports.

Wood stripping process boosts bioplastics

Materials World magazine
A process to leach lignin and cellulose from waste wood has been recognised for its potential in bioplastics production. Alex Brinded finds out more.

Jaguar, BASF recycle plastic in I-Pace part prototype

Materials World magazine
Recycled materials from BASF’s ChemCycling project might lead to recycled plastic components replacing raw materials in cars.