Seminar on modern packaging design with anti-counterfeiting techniques

Materials World magazine
The seminar, organised by the Midland societies of IOP: The Packaging Society, and held in March 2006 in Derby, UK, will examine issues and solutions concerning brand and product piracy. Topics covered will include incorporating RFID into packaging and smart labels, and smart inks and other novel laser-activated security solutions.

SMART.mat - the UK's Smart Materials, Surfaces and Structures Network

Materials World magazine
SMART.mat is a node of the materials KTN that implement information and outreach activities to allow the business community to become better informed about the benefits of using smart materials and to facilitate the development of new products and applications. The aim is to bring industry and academia closer and to foster joint projects and collaborations.

International Clay Technology Association launched

The International Clay Technology Association (ICTa) celebrated its official launch on 3 February in Nottingham.

Examination in Mining Law relating to Health and Safety 2006

The Examination of the Mining Qualifications Board in Mining Law relating to Health and Safety will be held on 14 June 2006.

Art and Microscopy

Materials World magazine
The two cultures, art and science, came together at a one-day meeting entitled 'Art and Microscopy', held by the Royal Microscopical Society on 29 November 2005. Rupal Mehta explores the forms of microscopy, such as polarising light, Raman and X-ray, used in the analysis of paintings, pigment, paint sample, cross section, fingerprint, and materials characterisation.