Smart textiles monitor health on a large scale

Materials World magazine
By measuring deformations in fabric across large surfaces, smart textiles could feed back health and safety-related data. Idha Valeur finds out more.

A sodium battery that can withstand hundreds of charging cycles

Materials World magazine
One of the first prototypes using sodium in batteries that can be charged hundreds of times is being unveiled. Idha Valeur asks how it was done.

Capture this - ultra-thin lenses

Materials World magazine
Flat and flexible ‘metalenses’ that can be produced quickly and cheaply could replace traditional camera lenses. Shardell Joseph gives us a snapshot of the research.

Hot stuff – record melting point for ceramics

Materials World magazine
Scientists in Russia claim to have created the most heat-resistant ceramic material. Idha Valeur catches up with them.

Putting a brave face on dental surgery with bone-graft material

Materials World magazine
A new bone-graft biomaterial could restore teeth while improving dental aesthetic and reducing pain. Shardell Joseph reports.