Dr Didier Farrugia is awarded the 2008 Dowding Medal

Materials Science & Technology Division
Dr Didier Farrugia has been awarded the 2008 Dowding Medal for his achievements in the understanding of metal flow and microstructural evolution during complex hot deformation processes.

Powder metallurgy processing for low-cost titanium

Materials World magazine
Non-melt solid-state consolidation, explored by scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), USA, could produce low-cost titanium components made using powder metallurgy for brake rotors, joint replacements and armour for military vehicles.

Renewable natural fibres – sustainable packaging?

Materials World magazine
Sustainpack is a European research conglomerate that hopes to encourage widespread use of ‘renewable’ natural fibres in paper and board in packaging, by adding value and functionality. The initiative, a vast undertaking into the materials science of these fibres, comprised 35 European partners from 13 countries.

Digging deep for minerals research

Materials World magazine
Researchers at the new £6m Rio Tinto Centre for Advanced Mineral Recovery at Imperial College London, UK, aim to develop novel mining technologies to extract minerals efficiently and cost effectively from hard-to-access low-grade deposits deeper underground. The team will gain a better understanding of the science behind block caving, in situ acid leaching of metals and froth flotation.

Built to order – fast and eco-friendly vehicle manufacture

Materials World magazine
Vehicles built and delivered to order in five days could be possible within a decade thanks to the European Intelligent Logistics for Innovative Product Technologies project. Working with industry, the team has created a modular car design that can be manufactured quickly using plastics and steel.