Bend your knees to charge up your phone

Materials Science & Technology Division
Research into back pack or shoe technologies to harvest energy has developed products that don't quite hit the mark. A knee gadget is now light enough to be worn, but generates sufficient useful power to charge a mobile phone.

Building products suppliers aim to reduce construction waste

Clay Technology magazine
Minimising waste packaging on building sites is a top priority for the new Green Procurement Group. The consortium of 13 building materials suppliers and distributors aims to minimise the environmental impact of the supply chain. The companies want to reduce the level of packaging used for building materials such as bricks, paint, aggregates and blocks by 20% in the next five years.

Energy efficient curing for concrete masonry and clay aggregates blocks

Clay Technology magazine
A UK manufacturer of concrete masonry and clay lightweight aggregate blocks has achieved a 44.5% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions through the use of more energy efficient curing chambers and alternative aggregates.

Manufacturing best practice

Clay Technology magazine
The UK-US Manufacturers Summit 07, held in Manchester, UK, from 16-18 October 2007, offered delegates tips on how to achieve best practice by introducing lean manufacturing, and improving the quality and efficiency of the supply chain.
Light passing through metamaterial

3D metamaterials from semiconductors

Materials World magazine
Scientists at Princeton University, USA, claim to have produced the first 3D metamaterial constructed entirely from semiconductors. They believe the new design could offer a cost effective way of creating negative refractive lenses for high-speed communications, medical diagnostics and detecting terrorist threats.