Artist's impression of the facility

Capturing carbon from the air

Materials World magazine
Engineering a facility to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from ambient air could help in the battle against global warming. Professor David Keith of the University of Calgary, Canada, aims to enable absorption of CO2 emissions from sources such as aircraft and automotives.
Computer modelling atom by atom

Model behaviour of ceramics

Materials World magazine
Multi-scale mathematical and computer modelling could eliminate the existing ‘trial and error’ approach to sintering ceramic parts, say researchers at the University of Leicester, UK. This may help ensure the integrity and quality of components during manufacture, saving money and reducing waste.

Materials thoughts – Student opinions of higher education in materials science

Materials World magazine
The UK’s first National Subject Profile for Higher Education Programmes in Materials was launched in 2008. In the last of a series of articles, the team behind it considers the views of recent graduates on course content and how well it equipped them for a career in industry.

£250m for doctoral training

Materials World magazine
A quarter of a billion pounds is to be invested by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in training scientists and engineers to strengthen Britain’s economy and tackle issues such as climate change and energy use.
Close-up of a microchip

Faster chip production, without a mask

Materials World magazine
A new maskless lithography technique could enable fast and low-cost manufacture of semiconductors with nanoscale resolution.