A plastic bottle full of 'mermaid's tears'

Environmental debate on biopolymers and biodegradable plastics

Materials World magazine
A seminar on Biopolymers and Biodegradable Plastics, in London, UK, on 3 October 2007, discussed the momentum for bioplastics and the reality of their environmental credentials.

Spectroscopy influences nanoscale electronics design

Materials World magazine
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) USA, in conjunction with IBM and MIT are using a spectroscopic technique to characterise magnetic structures of nanoscale thin films. These results could influence the design of nanoscale electronics.
T-Mag process

New division for Australia's materials industry

Materials World magazine
Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has launched a Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) division to help the country’s manufacturing industry become globally competitive. The division combines most of CSIRO materials chemistry, materials physics and materials engineering research into one body.
Minerals industry tunnel

Minerals Handling and Processing Seminar

Materials World magazine
The Efficient Minerals Handling and Processing seminar, held on 27 September 2007 at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, London UK, focused on the requirements of the UK minerals industry. Increasing plant efficiency was the main theme of the day. Presenters demonstrated how to improve conveyor systems, control fugitive dust, maintain plant operation and run a mining facility online.

RFID ready?

Packaging Professional magazine
Domino Integrated Solutions Group, Dallas, USA and Hide-Pick, Montreal, Canada have developed a system that incorporates a radio frequency identification (RFID) inlay within the packaging structure during production, replacing paper labels to drive down the cost of RFID in the packaging supply chain.