Nuclear repository in Dopravni, Czech Republic

Geologists explore nuclear storage

Materials World magazine
The UK is again considering underground nuclear waste storage. Delegates at an event at the Geological Society in London, UK, on 24 October, heard that site selection should be about meeting a risk target.
Brick containing 97% glass

Increasing the glass content in bricks

Materials World magazine
A brick containing 97% recycled glass has improved energy efficiency compared to clay bricks, claims UK firm Geofusion, based in Worcester. The geobrick is produced from a combination of container glass and cathode ray tube panel glass.
Polymer waste

Reusing waste polymers

Materials World magazine
Converting mixed waste plastics and rubbers – including tyres, toys, toothbrushes and even carpets – into feedstock aromatic chemicals may be closer to reality. The Polyflow process works with a mixture of co-polymers and extrusions that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

Energy from Waste and Biomass co-sponsors required

C ompanies are being invited to sponsor a student to attend the Energy from Waste and Biomass one - day event in March 2009 , as a way of encouraging young people to engage with science and engineering .

Student Starpack Award for Graduates

Design graduates with aspirations for a career in packaging design have the chance to show off their talents by entering the new Student Starpack Award for Graduates.