Chemical vapour deposition at speed

Materials World magazine
Synthesis and screening of thin film samples on glass may become faster using modified atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition equipment developed at University College London (UCL), UK. This is combined with rapid automated analysis of each cell to identify new and suitable phases.
Carbon nanotube attached to the tip of an atomic force microscope. Image courtesy of Purdue University, USA

Surface solution for writing nanodata

Materials World magazine
A carbon nanotube (CNT) probe tip, with silicon oxide outer layer for wear resistance, could enable ultrahigh density data storage. The ‘nanopencil’ can write bit sizes as small as 6.8nm onto ferroelectric films, while the silicon oxide makes it less prone to bending or buckling.
I-beam skid tube with an optimised fibre pattern

Strengthening tailored composites

Materials World magazine
The mechanical properties of lightweight composites that are made using tailored fibre placement (TFP) technology could be improved using a new online design tool, say scientists in Germany. The software maps out the concentrated stress areas of the base materials

Implantable blood pressure sensor

Materials World magazine
UK researchers are exploiting surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology to create a wireless and implantable blood pressure sensor. Scientists at Imperial College London, UK, believe this is the first implantable SAW device.
A cracked section of the fibre-reinforced concrete showing the embedded steel mix

Bomb-proof concrete

Materials World magazine
A high performance concrete that is designed to reduce the impact of bomb blasts is being investigated by engineers at the University of Liverpool, UK. Steel fibres reinforce the material.