Low pressure for gas storage

Materials World magazine
Using the crystal barium organotrisulfonate, researchers at the University of Calgary, Canada, have created molecular valves that can help trap and store gases at high densities without the need for high pressures. The could lead to a safer and more efficient means of storing carbon dioxide or hydrogen for environmentally friendly vehicles.

Materials KTN – Second AGM

Materials World magazine
The second Annual General Meeting of the Materials KTN was held in London, UK, on 24 April 2008. Dedicated to the future of materials science and technology, 'Materials in the Space Age – A Universe of Opportunities' was the theme of the event.

Biomimetic smart polymer goes from hard to soft

Materials World magazine
A new polymer nanocomposite that turns from hard to soft and vice versa on exposure to chemical stimuli, such as water, could be used in bulletproof vests and implants for artificial nervous systems to treat strokes or spinal cord injuries, say US researchers.
Professor John Pethica

Measured approach

Materials World magazine
Professor John Pethica, Chief Scientific Advisor at the UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL), describes his career leading up to the NPL, the materials testing specifications and standards adhered to by the organisation, and what steps he thinks the UK should take to foster a successful science industry.

Unlocking uranium’s chemistry

Materials World magazine
Scientists at the University of Edinburgh, UK, have taken the most common form of uranium, uranyl dication (UO22+), found in the natural environment and nuclear waste, and converted the chemically un-reactive compound into a reactive molecule. The team believes this could improve understanding of nuclear materials and waste, and the ability to handle them.