A 3D view of the zirconia/strontium titanate interface

Improving ionic conductivity in fuel cells

Materials World magazine
Spanish researchers hope to enhance the efficiency of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) by producing a super lattice that improves ionic conductivity near room temperature by a factor of almost 100 million.

Rubber Foundation Lecture

The Polymer Society
The Rubber Foundation Lecture on 30 October in London will explore elastomer service life predictions.

Nominations sought for Institute’s Medals and Prizes

The Institute’s Medals and Prizes 2009 are open for nominations. The deadline for all entries is 19 December 2008.
Sinan Al-Bermani

UK contestant wins 2008 Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition

Sinan Al-Bermani from the UK has won the 2008 Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition.

UK seeking CO2 trading increase

According to a leaked document the UK Government is requesting the right to purchase up to 50% of its CO 2 reduction target from other sources.