Taylor and Francis resumes printing of journals

21 May 2020

IOM3 publishing partner Taylor & Francis (T&F) has resumed printing and distribution of its journals from 11 May, with the first copies being dispatched by 18 May. In a statement, T&F said, ‘We always wanted this to be the shortest pause possible, to avoid disruption to our customers and to support our print and distribution partners.’

Taylor and Francis suspended printing of its journals in April due to post being stopped in a number of countries. 

In a statement T&F said, 'After the resumption of print services, you will receive print issues that are part of your subscription, although there may be a delay because some countries are still operating reduced or closed postal services, and international freight carriage is subject to delays and changes to routing at short notice. In the event that airfreight services restart later in the year you may receive issues out of order, as earlier issues posted by sea might arrive with you after later issues posted by air.'

For further information, visit bit.ly/2Zv5zN8