RAEng Awards for Pandemic Service - Call for Nominations

19 May 2020

The Royal Academy of Engineering is looking to recognise the contributions that the engineering community has made in helping society address those challenges by making a number of President’s Special Awards for Pandemic Service.

These awards are open to all across the UK engineering community who have contributed to helping address the challenges of the pandemic, across all technical specialities, disciplines and career stages.

The criteria set out by RAEng for entering is as follows:

We are looking to recognise exceptional examples of engineering in the service of society in the context of pandemic challenges, whatever form those examples took. We are interested in those whose service kept essential services and infrastructure effective in unprecedented circumstances, as much as those who helped protect the NHS.

We are looking for projects, teams and organisations, as well as individuals.

Given the breadth of the contributions that engineering is making, we have no set number of awards in mind, but will look to select a portfolio of exemplars that reflects the full range of impacts and innovations.

The criteria for selecting the winners of the awards will be:

Clear evidence of exceptional engineering practice or innovation to support UK society in responding to pandemic challenges;

Clear evidence of the role of individual, team or organisation nominated in that exceptional practice or innovation.

Nominations can be submitted via the RAEng online portal. Please direct any queries to awards@raeng.org.uk

The closing date for receiving nominations is Wednesday 3 June.