IOM3 signs pledge to net-zero

5 Mar 2020

IOM3 is pleased to have signed our support for the Pledge to Net Zero campaign – the first industry commitment in the UK requiring science-based targets from its signatories to tackle greenhouse gas emissions within their organisations led by the Society for the Environment.

The pledge recognises the need for organisations from the environmental services sector to take a leadership role in the transition to a net-zero carbon economy.

The commitment, aimed at organisations working within the environmental services sector, comes at a time where more than four-fifths of the world’s largest companies are unlikely to meet the targets set out in the Paris Climate Agreement to limit rising temperatures to 1.5oC of pre-industrialised levels by the middle of the century.

IOM3 CEO, Colin Church, said, ‘Moving to a low-carbon, resource-efficient society is essential for our future - a transition that needs to be made by everyone in big and small ways. As professional scientific and engineering bodies and learned societies working in the environmental services sector, by signing up the Pledge to Net Zero the member organisations of the Society for the Environment can demonstrate the will to act and the benefits of doing so.’

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