New Chair of Applied Earth Science Board – Mike Armitage

30 Jun 2020

Recently appointed Chair of the IOM3 Applied Earth Science Board, Mike Armitage works for SRK Consulting, a mining consultancy, as a Corporate Consultant based in Cardiff, Wales. Prior to joining SRK in 1991, he completed a PhD focussed on resource estimation and worked for four years as a geologist on gold mines in South Africa and Zimbabwe. At SRK, Mike has been both Managing Director and Chairman of the UK practice and SRK Group Chairman. He remains a director of SRK Exploration Services and SRK’s practice in Russia. He also served as a council member and Vice-President of the Geological Society between 2012–2015. Mike says, ‘ I am particularly concerned at the present time about the poor public perception of both mining and geology, the general lack of understanding of the important role miners and geologists have in today’s changing world and will have in the future, and the impact these factors are having on our ability to attract good quality people of both genders to study mining and geology at university. I am also concerned about the level of support available for young geologists working in mining and related industries in the UK at the present time.

‘My hope is that the Earth Science Board and community can work together to provide more technical and mentoring support to geologists actively working in the mining and related industries – create more engagement between the mining industry, IOM3, other professional institutions and school and university earth science teachers, lecturers and departments – and promote and improve the public perception of mining and geology.’