National Engineering Policy Centre launches The Sustainable Living Places report

30 Jun 2020

A new report from the National Engineering Policy Centre (NEPC) maps out a route to more sustainable places to live and work for stakeholders navigating complex planning, infrastructure and housing systems.

The NEPC is undertaking a project to develop a shared perspective on the current system of housing and infrastructure delivery in the UK. The work identifies interdependencies across that system that affect the success and quality of housing, planning and infrastructure in the UK and opportunities for change within the system, described as leverage points.

The NEPC report tests a new approach to policy making, applying systems dynamics to the enduring challenge of housing, planning and infrastructure. Identifying leverage points across the system where policy interventions/decisions could be made. The report provides some insights on how better integration between local and national planning can be achieved, with an opportunity to align planning policy around the net zero target. 

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