IOM3 responds to Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry into E-Waste and the Circular Economy

25 Jun 2020

IOM3 has submitted written evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry into Electronic Waste and the Circular Economy that was re-launched in March 2020.

This inquiry explores how the UK could reduce its environmental impact, create economic opportunities and maintain access to critical materials by better managing and minimising its e-waste.

IOM3 suggested a number of principles, policies and learning to do this as follows:

  • A well-designed extended producer responsibility framework that takes into account full life cycle impacts and encourages adoption of the waste hierarchy.
  • Drive change in product standards, incorporating the ‘right to repair’ and mandating that spare parts and adequate repair instructions are made available.
  • Collect and harness high quality data and flows for electrical and electronic equipment and waste electrical and electronic equipment across the full value chain.
  • Alignment of policies across the UK and with the standards of our key international trading partners.

The full document has been published on the Committee’s website here, and can be downloaded as a PDF below.

The Committee will be holding a public evidence session as part of this inquiry later today at 2:30-4:30pm BST. Follow @CommonsEAC to keep up to date.

With thanks to the IOM3 members who contributed to this submission.

Documents for download: