KTN unveils five year strategy and new branding

19 Aug 2020

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has released a new website and brand in line with its new five-year strategy focused on creating diverse connections to drive positive change.

In a statement, KTN said, 'KTN’s new identity is built on our purpose of connecting for positive change; we create the diverse connections that drive positive change through innovation.'

The new 5-year strategy commits to focus not only on economic prosperity but also on societal and environmental benefit, starting with the goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. It commits to ensuring that KTN continues to embrace diversity and inclusion and it pledges that KTN will collaborate globally to create valuable international connections for innovators.

To find out more about the Strategy, visit www.ktn-uk.org/news/ktn-unveils-its-ambitious-five-year-strategy