Q&A – Chair of the Packaging Society – Judith Allan

30 Apr 2020

Chair of the Packaging Society – Judith Allan

Judith is a materials engineer with a rich and varied career predominantly in the packaging industry, starting her career  at Mars (drinks division) as a Packaging Technologist and completing an Institute of Packaging Diploma.

In 1999, Judith moved to jonesknowlesritchie (JKR), a leading independent packaging design agency in London. Over the next 19 years, grew JKR grew into a global design business with operations in New York, Singapore and Shanghai with Judith leading the Global Creative Operations team.

She has always had a particular interest in packaging innovations as these are incredibly important in delivering new and exciting packaging for brand owners and consumers. In 2018, she took on the role of Chief Operating Officer at a start-up engineering agency in London with a manufacturing and project management office based in Shenzhen, China, spending 18 months at RPD International professionalising the business and developing the skills of a young group of entrepreneurs and engineers. 

Judith says, ‘Having been lucky enough to be able to choose to retire early from full-time employment, I’m really excited to have the opportunity to continue an active involvement within the packaging industry at such an interesting and challenging time.’ 

My ambitions for the board and its technical community are as follows:

  1. To build on the legacy of the outgoing Chair, champion the appeal of the Packaging Society to a more diverse membership and continue work to attract more younger members aiming towards parity for male and female membership.

  2. To drive forward communication of the positive aspects of packaging and innovations in packaging to the public. During my tenure, I would like to see a better informed and more engaged public and media when packaging is being discussed. There is a wave of public awareness about packaging, sustainability and the environment and we should be leading that wave and helping to inform the public and media about the positive benefits of packaging and the drive for sustainability in packaging.

  3. To expand the relationship between the Packaging Society and other divisions of the IOM3. Materials have a fundamental role to play in tackling many of current challenges of society, and packaging and sustainability are on the frontline when looking at solving these challenges.