Review into UK offshore oil and gas licensing regime

IOM3 Content Cafe
The UK Government is to review its policy on the future UK offshore oil and gas licensing regime.

Protecting against ballistic threats with nanofibre combat clothing

Materials World magazine
A novel nanofibre material designed to protect against extreme heat and ballistic threats could offer soldiers a lighter suit of armour. Shardell Joseph reports.

Manufacturing during a pandemic

Materials World magazine
As UK manufacturing works towards full capacity operations, there are significant challenges ahead with varied experiences within the sector. Shardell Joseph investigates the pandemic’s impact and the measures being implemented to continue production.

‘World’s lightest shielding material’ protects against interference in microelectronics

Materials World magazine
A material made up of aerogels and cellulose nanofibres that is said to be unrivalled in its lightweight could be applied to microelectronics to protect against electromagnetic interference in applications such as radar and aerospace.

Using graphene flakes for industrial surfactants

Materials World magazine
New research demonstrates that graphene flakes can be used as a surfactant with amphiphilic properties. Shardell Joseph finds out how.