The results presented in a global context showing lithium levels relative to TDS for various types of lithium rich waters and brines, such as salar brines from the Atacama Desert, oilfield brines and other geothermal waters. Credit: Cornish Lithium

Cornish Lithium grades - compelling resource

IOM3 Content Cafe
UK mineral exploration company Cornish Lithium states it has found globally significant lithium grades in preliminary sampling of geothermal waters.
Helene presentation

First Mark Caul Memorial Webinar available

The Packaging Society
Helene Roberts of Robinsons Packaging presented the first Mark Caul Memorial webinar.

Designing biomaterials with AI

Materials World magazine
A data-driven approach to biomaterials is using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict water repulsion and protein adsorption, allowing for advanced material screening and design of organic materials. The researchers from...

A fungal alternative for leather

Materials World magazine
A study reveals that fungal leather could be more sustainable and cheaper than animal and plastic versions, imitating the look and feel of traditional leather. Researchers from Imperial College London,...

Preserving cultural heritage with metal organic frameworks

Materials World magazine
Promethean Particles, based in Nottingham, UK, has joined a European consortium to innovate packaging and storage solutions for historical and cultural artefacts. As part of the NEMOSINE Project, Promethean Particles...