Patent of the month – ionic conducting compositions for energy storage devices

Materials World magazine
Dr Tahsin Ali Kassam at UDL Intellectual Property discusses a recently granted patent relating to ionic conducting compositions for energy storage devices.

Get talking – To save the planet, we must understand it

Materials World magazine
Professor Ian Barker, President of the UK’s Earth Science Teachers’ Association, issues a rallying call to prevent the extinction of Geology in our education system.

Fruit peel can help in the mission to recycle spent batteries

Materials World magazine
Orange peel offers a fruity approach to recycle batteries. Idha Valeur uncovers the details.

Immobilising the UK’s plutonium stockpile

Materials World magazine
By transforming plutonium waste into a glass-ceramic material, it could be safe for geological disposal in the UK.

Janus particles can offer a range of improvements in standard paints

Materials World magazine
Particles with different chemistries and physical properties on both sides could transform a lick of paint. Idha Valeur reports.