Report calls for materials transition

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Consultancy Wood Mackenzie has issued a report indicating that the global rate of materials extraction is ‘unsustainable’ and there is a need to untether economic growth from consumption.

Secrets of serenity from Rolls-Royce

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The new generation Ghost from Rolls-Royce, UK, promises the ‘Formula of Serenity’, and its engineers have gone to great lengths to deliver luxury silence.

International CCS Knowledge Centre statement - Petra Nova's carbon capture system works

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The International CCS Knowledge Centre has released a statement relating to Petra Nova’s carbon capture system in the USA.
CanCollar in use. Credit: Coca-Cola European Partners

Coca-Cola tries CanCollar technology

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CanCollar is a paperboard packaging solution for multipack cans and Coca-Cola European Partners is to launch the packaging in Spain.

Measurement for Recovery uses national laboratory know-how

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The UK’s National Physical Laboratory has launched a Measurement for Recovery (M4R) programme, enabling businesses across UK industry to gain access to its R&D facilities and expertise.