Eliminating cracks in 3D printed metal

Materials World magazine
A 3D printing laser technique could create metal alloy components with increased damage tolerance and resistance to high temperatures. Idha Valeur reports.

New turbine oil improves efficiency

Materials World magazine
A new oil is claimed to improve bearing and turbine efficiency. Idha Valeur finds out more.

Drexel University analyses the use nanomaterials for future energy storage

Materials World magazine
Highlighting the importance of nanoscopic materials, a new report analyses the use of nanomaterials and their contributions to sustainable energy storage.

Absorbing carbon dioxide with microporous hybrid foam

Materials World magazine
A microporous material with CO 2 -absorbing zeolites has the potential for integration in carbon capture technology. Shardell Joseph finds out how it works.

Reducing tissue growth around pacemakers

Materials World magazine
A membrane with a special surface structure reduces tissue growth around pacemakers resulting in simpler replacement surgeries. Idha Valeur reports.