Low carbon building material using bacteria

Materials World magazine
A material that can heal itself and reproduce has been engineered to offer a low-carbon option for the construction industry. Idha Valeur finds out how it works.

Injecting hydrogen into the gas grid for lower carbon energy

Materials World magazine
A project injecting hydrogen into natural gas supplies has been reported as fully operational, making it the first zero-carbon hydrogen grid in the UK. Ceri Jones reports.

Evaporating water for lithium mining with solar umbrellas

Materials World magazine
A solar umbrella device can enhance evaporation in lithium mining, reducing the amount of time needed and land required. Shardell Joseph reports.

Supercharging technology with ultra-high capacity battery

Materials World magazine
A supercharging battery has gained international attention for its potential to outperform market leaders by more than four times. Shardell Joseph looks at the developments that made the technology possible.

Engineering gender pay gap requires action

A new report published by the Royal Academy of Engineering indicates that the gender pay gap is smaller in the engineering profession than the UK employee average but still requires further action.