Injecting hydrogen into the gas grid for lower carbon energy

Materials World magazine
A project injecting hydrogen into natural gas supplies has been reported as fully operational, making it the first zero-carbon hydrogen grid in the UK. Ceri Jones reports.

UK supermarkets give insight into plastic plans in Green Alliance report

Materials World magazine
Green Alliance reveals information on what the UK grocery industry is doing about plastic and the potential pitfalls of using alternatives. Idha Valeur reports.

Get talking – Now is the time to mine

Materials World magazine
Everyone is talking about industry in space being the next big thing. It won’t be, but extraterrestrial industry will for two key reasons. Retired engineer, Tony Marshallsay, explains.

Low carbon building material using bacteria

Materials World magazine
A material that can heal itself and reproduce has been engineered to offer a low-carbon option for the construction industry. Idha Valeur finds out how it works.

Cadbury trials paper packaging for chocolate bar

Materials World magazine
A recyclable paper wrapper is being trialled for Cadbury’s Energy bar but do consumers have a taste for it? Idha Valeur reports.