Get talking – Acid mine drainage

Materials World magazine
Winner of the IOM3 Young Persons’ Lecture Competition 2019, Tamlyn Naidu, discusses her presentation on an alternative method of tackling acid mine drainage.

Vale to use artificial intelligence at its nickel mine

Materials World magazine
Mining company, Vale, plans to use machine-learning and artificial intelligence to explore for new areas to drill. Idha Valeur reports.

Composite metal foam proves itself against aluminium for aerospace

Materials World magazine
Infused composite metal foam has shown superior characteristics to aluminium for use in aircraft wing design. Shardell Joseph reports.

A new pier has opened for a comfortable commute

Materials World magazine
London’s new Royal Wharf Pier opens to offer a more attractive commute.

Gold and climate change

Materials World magazine
How can the global gold industry decarbonise while maintaining robust production and market value? Ceri Jones reports.