Offshore wind energy – an outlook

Materials World magazine
Late October 2019, the International Energy Agency released a study that suggested offshore wind could become a US$1tln industry. Idha Valeur looks into the projections, limitations and possibilities.

A flexible implant could lead to better hearing

Materials World magazine
Making hearing implants soft and more flexible could help people with dysfunctional inner ears to hear again. Idha Valeur reports.

Scanning the Earth with Lidar technology

Materials World magazine
An ambitious project to scan the entire Earth using Lidar technology has been initiated. Idha Valeur reports.

Patent of the Month – Ice test devices

Materials World magazine
A patent relating to a novel ice adhesion test is presented by Dr Tahsin Ali Kassam.

A new pier has opened for a comfortable commute

Materials World magazine
London’s new Royal Wharf Pier opens to offer a more attractive commute.