Young Persons’ Committee Art Lecture

22 Mar 2019

Bringing together art and fine jewellery is something that comes naturally to Jessica Pass, a contemporary fine jeweller based in The Goldsmiths’ Centre, who presented at the IOM3 Young Persons’ Art Lecture Series.

At the annual event on the 12 March at 297 Euston Road, Jessica discussed her background getting into the jewellery industry and the use of different materials and techniques to achieve her collections.Speaking about her entomology collection, Jessica said, ‘I was inspired by nature, specifically insects and also Victorian times, to create these bespoke one-off pieces.’ Her range varies from cocktail rings and necklaces to broaches and tiepins.

Speaking about the use of materials, Jessica explained that she uses precious metals such as gold and silver to create the statement pieces and uses various techniques including 3D printing. ‘It was essential for me to use 3D printing. If I was hand crafting some of these items it would have taken me eight months to create one piece let alone a collection of 20 items.’ Jessica’s range has featured at Milan Fashion Week, in Vogue magazine and more recently on the Apple iPhone X Apple Pay campaign.

To view the full collection or to find out more, visit