IOM3 supports global action on tailings

6 Mar 2019

On the 4 March 2019, the Global Minerals Professional Alliance (GMPA) announced it would seek to address global action on tailings with help from various organisations including IOM3.

The initiative will focus on examining tailings from the perspective of disposal and closure, help move forward discussions and solutions for tailings management,  reprocessing and reuse in a bid to move towards the elimination of tailings. 

‘IOM3 members have significant expertise in these issues and the Institute itself holds an immense amount of research material from across the world on all aspects of tailings management. This important initiative will help us apply his expertise and knowledge to address this significant challenge,’ said IOM3 President Professor Serena Best. 

The aim is to bring together all the various organisations and experts in tailings management to address this issue. The first step will involve data collection and looking at the actions of existing practices, case studies and research and development. This will be featured on a GMPA Global Action on tailings website, which will be launched in due course.  

The GMPA and IOM3 hope to work collaboratively with the International Council on Mining and Metals, who recently announced its intention to establish an independent panel of experts to develop an international standard for tailing facilities for its member companies. 

Press Contact:

Natalie Daniels

Communications Manager

020 7451 7395