Pride in STEM

10 Jun 2019

On the 5 July 2019 marks LGBTQ+ in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM). The aim of the day is to help raise awareness and increase support for diversity and inclusion in STEM to ensure global awareness.

The first LGBTSTEM Day took place in 2018 with more than 16,000 tweets totalling over 11 million impressions, 65 million impressions on Facebook, as well as various Instagram posts. LGBTSTEMDay is predominantly an online initiative with support from various organisations including IOM3. Individuals can share their stories, experiences, photos, and videos about being LGBTQ+ in STEM using the hashtags #LGBTSTEM, #LGBTQSTEM.

‘As a professional body and learned society, it is right that IOM3 supports LGBT STEM Day as a signal of the importance of inclusion, diversity and equality to the materials, minerals and mining communities,’ said IOM3 CEO Colin Church.

‘Including all those who meet the competence level is the right thing to do for both moral and economic reasons for all parts of modern society. There is a lot of evidence that more diverse teams are more innovative, more successful and less likely to act unethically, and with the growing demand for STEM skills globally, excluding part of the talent pool for irrelevant reasons simply doesn’t make sense.’

Remember to get involved online and you can also find a get-talking piece on LGBT in STEM in the July issue of Materials World.