IOM3 celebrates World Environment Day

4 Jun 2019

On 5 June 2019, IOM3 is celebrating World Environment Day with this year’s theme on Air Pollution. The day encourages worldwide awareness and promotes actions to protect our environment.

‘IOM3 supports world environmental day because the message is clear that we need urgently to address key issues such as climate change, ocean health and air quality. We are working on how the materials cycle can be adapted to make significant improvements,’ said Louis Brimacombe, Chair of the Sustainable Development Group at IOM3. 

The United Nations recently published statistics that revealed that waste generated in cities doubled from 2000-2012. It’s expected to nearly double again to 2.2 billion tonnes by 2025. Waste contributes to air pollution as a result of burning of waste and methane emissions from organic waste. The aim of the campaign is to help to reduce air emissions and highlights various actions that can be taken for you to encourage this transition. 

Stuart Patrick, Chair of the Polymer Society of IOM3 said, ‘We are pleased to be supporting WED 2019. This is an extremely important issue in a world where over 90% of people do not breathe clean air. Our Sustainability Policy commits us to understanding the contribution of the materials cycle towards the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, where clean air is frequently featured. By identifying and promoting where and how improvements can be made, we can then champion them to our members and stakeholders, and to operate by them as an organisation throughout our business operation’.

To recognise the importance of this day, Materials World for this week only, has made some of its environmental themed features available to all. In May 2019, IOM3 also signed the Assurances for an Environment Act alongside various organisations, environmental, academic and professional groups to publish a shared view of how the Government's planned Environment Bill can help 'put sustainability at the heart of our economic model'. 

Find our full list of environmental features below:

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